John Bodenham

C. H. Timperley, in Encyclopaedia of Literary and Typographical Anecdote (1842) 1:436.

1600. Belvidere; or the Garden of the Muses, made by John Bodenham. This is a curious, and at the same time, a very whimsical poetical miscellany, as the author, in another edition, made it a rule, to give place to no more than a single quotation of single line, or a couplet of ten syllables. There was another edition in 1610, entitled the Garden of the Muses, without the previous title of Belvidere, but they are one and the same collection. An imperfect copy of this work produced at the sale of Mr. Allen's library, 1 11s. 6d.

In 1600 also was published England's Parnassus, or the choycest Flowers of our modern Poets, with their poetical comparisons, by R. A.

R. A. means Robert Allot, concerning whom the reader may consult Warton's History of English Poetry, vol. iii. p. 280.

Another poetical miscellany was also published in this year, entitled England's Helicon, in 4to.

A second edition was published in 1614.