Rev. William Benwell

Anonymous, Inscription in Caversham Church, near Reading" William Lisle Bowles, Sonnets, and other Poems (1800) 164-65n.

Near this Chancel are deposited
The Remains of the REV. WILLIAM BENWELL,
Late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford,
Who died of a contagious fever, the consequence of his
charitable endeavours to relieve and comfort the
inhabitants of the village in which he resided.

From early youth
He was remarkable for correctness of taste,
and variety of knowledge;
Simple, modest, and retired;
In manners and conversation he possessed a natural grace,
a winning courtesy, truly expressive of the heavenly
serenity of his mind, and of the meekness low-
liness, and benevolence of his heart.

To his Relations, and to his Companions whom he loved,
he was most tenderly and consistently affectionate:
To the Poor a zealous friend, a wise and patient instructor.
By his mildness cheering the sorrowful;
And, by the pure and amiable sanctity which beamed in
his countenance, repressing the licentious.
Habitually pious,
He appeared in every instance of life
to act, to speak, and to think,
as in the sight of GOD.
He died Sept. 6th, 1796, in his 32d year;
His soul pleased the LORD, therefore hasted HE to take
him away.

This Tablet was erected to his Memory, with heart-
felt grief, and the tenderest affection,
By PENELOPE, eldest daughter of JOHN LOVEDAY, esq;
and PENELOPE his wife,
Who, after many years of the most ardent friendship,
became his wife and his widow in the
course of eleven weeks!