John Dennis

Aaron Hill, "Verses on the Death of Mr. Dennis" The Daily Journal (15 January 1734).

Adieu! unsocial Excellence! — at Last,
Thy Foes are vanquish'd, and thy Fears are pass'd!
Want, the grim Recompense of Truth, like Thine,
Shall, now no longer dim thy destin'd Shrine:
Th' impatient Envy, The Disdainful Air,
The Front, malignant, and, The Captious Stare!
The Furious Petulance, The jealous Start,
The Mist of Frailties that obscur'd thy Heart!
Veil'd, in thy Grave, shall, unremember'd, lye;—
For, These were Parts, of DENNIS, Born, to Die!

But, there's a Nobler DEITY, behind;
His Reason dies not — and has Friends, to find.
Tho, Here, Revenge, and Pride, withheld his Praise,
No Wrongs shall reach him, through his Future Days.
The Rising Ages shall redeem his Name;
And Nations read him, into Lasting Fame.
In his Defects, untaught, His Labour'd Page
Shall the slow Gratitude of Time, engage.—
Perhaps, some Story, of his pitied Woe,
Mix'd, in faint Shades, may, with his Mem'ry go!
To touch Futurity, with gen'rous Shame,
And Backward cast an unavailing Blame,
On Times, too Cold, to taste His Strength of Art;
Yet, warm Contemners, of too weak a Heart!

Rest, in thy Dust, — contented with thy Lot;
Thy Good remember'd, and thy Bad forgot!
'Tis more, than CAESAR, and his WORLD, cou'd give!—
Spread, o'er his Vertues, His Few Errors live!
'Till Reas'ning Brutes, whose Speck of Soul wants Room,
To lodge, the just Conception of His Doom,
Dare, with lewd License, poize His question'd Fame;
And Blot the Sacred Rev'rence of his Name!