Dr. William Coward

Aaron Hill, "To the Author" in Coward, Licentia Poetica Discuss'd (1709) sig. C-Cv.

As when some pow'rful Monarch sees his Lands
Invaded, and Oppress'd by Lawless Hands,
Mov'd by the Gen'rous fires of pointed Rage,
He vows revenge, and bids his Arms engage,
But first, as wisely cautious, not afraid,
Draws Foreign Princes to his Armies aid;
So you, Great Bard, have bravely found it fit,
To free the injur'd Commonwealth of Wit;
But, as you know the Dangers of a Fight
'Gainst envious Ignorance, and Critics Spight,
Foresaw the shock of an impending Storm,
That must attend all Change of Ancient Form,
You summon'd Troops of vigorous Allies o'er,
And War more safe than ever Man before
Guarded by an unmatch'd Confed'rate Classic Store.
Nor can you fail in your unbyass'd End,
You Grace their Verse, Their Verse your Work defend,
Go on, and prosper in your Merits due,
For ev'n Improvement's self is here Improv'd by you.