Dr. Thomas Lodge

Thomas Warton, in History of English Poetry (1774-81; 1840) 3:461.

Nor have I seen Lodge's Satires, unless his ALARUM AGAINST USERERS, containing tried experiences against worldly abuses, and its appendix, his History of Forbonius and Prisaeria, printed at London at London in 1584, may be considered under that character.

Wood also, a great dealer in the works of our old minor poets, yet at the same time a frequenter transcriber from Meres, still more embarrasses this matter where he says, that Lodge, after he left Trinity college at Oxford, about the year 1576, and "had spent some time in exercising his fancy among the poets in the great city, was esteemed, not Joseph Hall of Emanuel college excepted, the best for satyr among English men." Lodge was fitted for a different mode of composition. He was chiefly noted for pastorals, madrigals, and sonnets; and for his EUPHUES GOLDEN LEGACY, which furnished the plot of the AS YOU LIKE IT of Shakspeare.