Bezaleel Morrice

Alexander Pope, in The Dunciad (1728; 1742); Works, ed. Warton (1796-97) 5:139-40 & n.

Heav'n rings with laughter: Of the laughter vain,
Dulness, good Queen, repeats the jest again.
Three wicked imps of her own Grubstreet Choir
She deck'd like Congreve, Addison, and Prior;
Mears, Warner, Wilkins run: Delusive thought!
Breval, Bond, Besaleel, the Varlets caught.

Breval, Bond, Besaleel,] I forsee it will be objected from this line, that we were in an error in our assertion on ver. 50. of this book, that More was a fictitious name, since these persons are equally represented by the poet as phantoms. So at first sight it may seem; but be not deceived, reader; these also are not real persons. 'Tis true, Curl declares Breval, a captain, author of a piece called the Confederate; but the same Curl first said it was written by Joseph Gay: Is his second assertion to be credited any more than his first? He likewise affirms Bond to be one who writ a satire on our poet. But where is such a satire to be found? where was such a writer ever heard of? As for Besaleel, it carries forgery in the very name; nor is it, as the others are, a surname. Thou may'st depend upon it, no such authors ever lived; all phantoms. SCRIBLERUS.