John Hughes

Jabez Hughes, "To the Memory of Mr. Hughes" 1720; Hughes, Poetical Works (1735) 1:lxix-lxx.

From thy long Languishing, and painful Strife,
Of Breath and Labour drawn, and wasting Life,
Accomplish'd Spirit! thou at length art free,
Born into Bliss and Immortality!
Thy Struggles are no more; the Palm is won;
Thy Brows encircled with the Victor's crown;
While lonely left, and desolate below,
Full Frief I feel, and all a BROTHER'S Woe!
Yet would I linger on a little Space,
Before I close my quick-expiring Race,
Till I have gather'd up, with grateful Pains,
Thy WORKS, thy dear Unperishing Remains;
An Undecaying MONUMENT to stand,
Rais'd to thy Name by thy own skilful Hand.
Then let me wing from Earth my willing Way,
To meet thy Soul in blaze of living Day,
Rapt to the Skies, like Thee, with joyful Flight,
An inmate of the Heav'ns, adopted into Light!
30 March, 1720.