Rev. Abel Evans

Thomas Hearne, 1705; Reliquae Hearniae, ed. Bliss (1869) 1:72-73.

'Tis said, that upon the bishop of Worcester's waiting upon the dutchess of Marlborough, at his coming to London, she was pleased to ask him about the news at Oxford, and to declare her resentment for the members of that university's being so hot in relation to the present administration of affairs. The bishop acknowledged, that generally they were very faulty, but that there were some still left in that place, who were men of prudence, and spoke well of king William's government, and instanced particularly in Mr. Evans's sermon, which he said was a very rational discourse, and shewed him to be a good principled man, and to have a great esteem for his late majesty, he speaking mightily in his commendation, and magnifying the exploits of the duke of Marlborough, which so pleased her grace, that she presently ordered a good fat doe to be sent to Mr. Evans, wherewith he was to treat the warden of Wadham coll. and such other persons as he should think fit, that were of the same kidney with himself, which 'tis reported he has done.