Aaron Hill

Joseph Warton, in Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope (1782) 2:191-92 & n.

An affected an fustian writer, but who, by some means or other, gained our author's confidence and friendship. See his Athelwood — and his translation of that fine play Merope, which I have frequently reproached Mr. Garrick for acting — his Poem on Acting — his poem in praise of Blank Verse, which begins thus; and which one would think was burlesque:

Up, from Rhyme's poppied vale! and ride the storm
That thunders in blank verse!—

See his works throughout, in 4 vols. octavo; from which the treatise on the Bathos might have been much enriched with many truly ridiculous examples, viz.

Some black-soul'd Fiend, some Fury ris'n from hell
Has darken'd all discernment.

—Thro' night's eye
Saw the pale murderer stalk!
Some hint's officious reach had touch'd her ear.

One is surprized that such a writer could be an intimate friend of Bolingbroke, Pope, and Thomson. He had however the merit of being one of the very first persons who took notice of Thomson, on the publication of Winter, on which he wrote a complimentary copy of verses.