Rev. Joseph Warton

William King of Oxford to Joseph Warton, 26 May 1759; Wooll, Biographical Memoirs of Joseph Warton (1806) 262-63.

St. Mary's Hall, May 26th, 1759.

Dear Sir,

You will be so good as to forgive me, that I have not sooner answered your letter, which I received from you when I was at Bath. But as I wrote to your brother immediately, I deferr'd writing to you till I returned to this place, and had mentioned your request to some of my friends. And I can't perceive you will meet with any opposition; and your brother informs me, that all those members of convocation, to whom he has applied, are ready and willing to give their consent. Besides, as my Lord Westmoreland will be so kind, immediately after his installation, to propose your degree, I think we need not doubt of your success. As for myself, I desire you to be assured that on all occasions as well as this, you may command all the little interest I may have. I loved your father most sincerely and affectionately, whilst he was living, and I now love and honour his memory. But nothing gives me more pleasure than to find, that both his sons are worthy of him.

I am, dear Sir,

Your most faithful humble servant.