Rev. Samuel Wesley the Younger

Herbert Barton, in Mirror of Poesy (1826) 257.

Samuel Wesley, the elder brother of the late celebrated Rev. John Wesley, was born about 1692. In 1704 he was sent to Westminster school, and admitted a King's scholar in 1707. In 1711 he was elected to Christ Church, Oxford; and here, as well as at Westminster, he acquired the character of an excellent classic scholar. When he had taken his Master's degree, or perhaps before he took it, he was sent for to officiate as Usher at Westminster school; and soon after he took orders, under the patronage of Bishop Atterbury. He became an able, judicious Divine; his conduct in discharging the various duties of life, was exemplary, and did honour to his profession as a Christian and Minister of the Gospel. About the year 1732, he resigned his situation at Westminster for the Free Grammar School at Tiverton, in Devonshire, over which he presided till his death, which took place on the 5th of November 1739