Sir Edward Dyer

Abraham Fraunce, "To the Ryght Worshypful Mr. Edward Dyer" in The Sheapheardes Logike (1585 ca.); British Bibliographer 2 (1812) 278.

Some arts wee bynde, to some one kynde, of subject severallye:
As this to counte, and that to mounte, above the cristal skye;
To measure land with skilful hand, to frame or fyle the tonge,
Or to delyte the weary spryte, with sweete and pleasant songe.
But logickes lyght doth shyne owtryght, her streames do flow so far,
From kinges aboade to Palinode, from sheepecote unto star,
Noe reason then why munkish men shulde keepe her from abroade,
Of idle fooles opprest in schooles, and alwayes overtroade.
By this wee preach, by this wee teach, shee in the heaven sitts.
Yet sheapheards swayne, doth not disdayne, but meekly hym admytts.
That this is true, loe here a new and fresh logician,
Who mynds to prove what is her love, to symple countreyman.
By those that keepe in fyeld theyr sheepe, a sheapheards logik framde.
Loe by yt ought, or be yt nought, the lesse cause to bee blamde.
Your Woorshyps, most humbly to bee commaunded,
Abraham Fraunce.