Rev. Thomas Morell

William Cole, Collectanea for Athenae Cantabrigienses, 1780 ca.; Restituta or ... English Literature Revived 1 (1814) 464.

Dr. Morell is my old acquaintance; was born, as I take it, at Eton, where at least his mother and sister kept a boarding house, while I was of that school: but by keeping low company, especially of the musical tribe, and writing their operas, and mixing much with them, he let himself down so as not to be taken notice of in the road to preferment. His great friend, and from whose patronage he expected much, Mons. Des Noyers, Dancing-Master, and greatly intimate with Frederick, Prince of Wales, died before he could get any thing for him: though a very ingenious, good-tempered man, and a good scholar: but always in debt, and needy, so as frequently to be obliged to abscond. He had a new office created for him in our Antiquary Society about a year or two ago, (I write this June 25, 1777) where he is one of the Secretaries. He married a lady of good family of the name of Barker, but happily, I think, has no issue. One of his best performances, for he is a frequent writer, is Mr. Hogarth's Analysis of Beauty, which is supposed to have been written by him.