Rev. Thomas Morell

John Wooll, in Biographical Memoirs of Joseph Warton (1806) 328-29n.

From my friend Mr. John Warton I have gained the following anecdote respecting the learned writer of this letter, and which, he informs me, was repeatedly asserted by Dr. W. as a fact. When Dr. Morell visited Winchester, he in a casual survey of the College entered the school, in which some junior boys were writing their exercises, one of whom, struck no less with his air and manner than the questions he put to them, whispered to his schoolfellows, "Is he not a fine old Grecian!" The Doctor, overhearing the expression, turned hastily around, and exclaimed, "I am indeed an old Grecian, my little man! Did you never see my head before my Thesaurus?" The boy, having made an awkward apology, hastily withdrew; and soon finding two of the Praeposters, repeated to them the stranger's words, who, aware of the dignity of their visitor, instantly came up, and introducing themselves, offered, in a most respectful manner, to shew him the College: he accepted their offer, and, after visiting every part of it, with a view of discovering the information and attainments, as well as gratifying the politeness of his guides, parted from them, highly pleased with the attention which had been shewn him."