Rev. Moses Browne

James Hervey to Moses Browne, 1750 ca.; Hervey, Works (1760; 1802) 6:87-88.

I am glad to hear that the second Part of Sunday-Thoughts is come abroad. Pray do not fail to let Mr. * * * have six Setts for me before Thursday Morning, because he has another Parcel to transmit to me this Week in which those may with Convenience be enclosed. — You have paid me an obliging Compliment; beg of the blessed God, dear Sir, that I may not be puffed up with vain Conceit of myself or my Writings. O! that Earth and Ashes, that Guilt and Sin, should be proud! What so unreasonable? yet what so natural? May the Lord of Glory rebuke this arrogant Spirit; and teach my Soul to be humble, to be even more dependent on his Aid, as a weaned Child.

As to your entering into holy Orders, I have no Manner of Doubt; by all means do it. It is what I have been praying for these several Years; it is what all the Disciples of Christ are directed to to implore at the Lord's Hand, that he would send man such Labourers into his Vineyard. As God has inclined your Heart to the Work; as he has given you so clear a Knowledge of the Truth as it is in Jesus; and stirred you up to be zealous for the Interests of a bleeding Saviour; I assure you, if the King would make me a Bishop, one of the first acts of my Episcopal Office should be to ordain the Author of Sunday-Thoughts. — I hope the Lord will guide you with his Spirit, will commission you to feed his Flock, and make you a chosen Instrument of bringing many Sinners to Christ, many Sons unto Glory. — Pray do not think your Letters are troublesome; they are always pleasing, always chearing to,

Dear Sir,

Your very sincere, and

Truly affectionate friend, &c.