Rev. Moses Browne

Robert Southey, in Specimens of the Later English Poets (1807) 3:257.

This writer was originally a pen-cutter, but he took orders, and obtained the vicarage of Olney, and was also chaplain to Morden College; he was one of the first contributors to the Gentleman's Magazine, and obtained some of the prizes offered by Mr. Cave for the best Poems; besides some dramatick pieces, and an edition of Isaac Walton's Complete Angler; he published 1. a volume of Poems, 1739. 2. Sunday Thoughts, a Poem, 1749. 3. Percy Lodge, a descriptive Poem, 1756. His Piscatory Eclogues were reprinted in 1773. He seems to have enjoyed life to the very last. Cooper had wished for his Parsonage for Lady Hesketh "But Moses Browne our Vicar," he says "who as I told you is in his eighty-sixth year, is not bound to die for that reason; he said himself when he was here last summer, 'that he should live ten years longer, and for ought that appears, so he may.'" His letter is dated 1786, and if its statement be accurate, as seems probable, Brown must have been born in 1700.