Samuel Johnson

James Beattie to Mr. Williamson, 8 September 1771; Forbes, Life and Writings of James Beattie (1806) 1:212-23.

I have been extremely happy in making a great many very agreeable and very creditable acquaintance. Dr. Hawkesworth, Dr. Armstrong, Mr. Garrick, Dr. Samuel Johnson, and several others of note, have treated me, not only with politeness, but with a degree of attention and kindness that equals my warmest wished. I wish I had time to pass among them; I shall find it no easy matter to force myself away. Johnson has been greatly misrepresented. I have passed several entire days with him, and found him extremely agreeable. The compliments he pays to my writings are so high, that I have not the face to mention them. Every body I have conversed with on the subject (among whom I have the honour to reckon Lord Mansfield), approves of what I have done in respect to Mr. Hume.