William Melmoth

Thomas James Mathias, in Pursuits of Literature (1798) 355 & n.

High from the climes of Latium's happier day
The Muse on ROSCOE darts her noontide ray,
And with each soft, each reconciling pow'r,
Sheds gleams of peace on MELMOTH'S closing hour....

WILLIAM MELMOTH, Esq. a most elegant and distinguished writer, "near half an age with every good man's praise." His translation of Cicero and Pliny will speak for him, while Roman and English eloquence can be united. Mr. Melmoth is a happy example of the mild influence of learning on a cultivated mind, I mean of that learning which is declared to be the aliment of youth, and the delight and consolation of declining years. Who would not envy this "FORTUNATE OLD MAN" his most finished translation and comment on Tully's Cato? or rather, who would not rejoice in the refined and mellowed pleasure of so accomplished a gentleman and so liberal scholar?