Thomas Gray

An Eminent Scholar, in Gentleman's Magazine 82 (January 1812) 37.

Mr. Gray was supposed to have died worth 10,000. He left 1000 to Miss Antrobus and her sister Cummins. A Play of three acts, plain prose. — Discretionary power, to Mason, with Brown, to publish an Elegy written at Stoke Pogeis, where he is buried with his father and mother. — The Long Story published, because it contained the only drawing he ever made of Stoke House. It was written, in one morning, at Strawberry Hill. — Bannerman wrote of his death to Walpole before it happened. — Gray was very satirical in early life, which went off. — He has large notes on Linnaeus and Goedart. He had large architectural collections of Founders and Builders from Books; and notes from actual survey. — He lay a week, much afflicted with obstructions. Glyn says, he had no pain. — Brown shocked at his convulsions; but his face after death returned, though not sufficient to take a cast. — Bostock, of Christ's, his "eleve," attended his funeral.