Richard Owen Cambridge

Anonymous, Review of Richard Owen Cambridge, Works; Monthly Mirror 17 (June 1804) 402.

That a son should be superabundantly partial to the works and character of his sire, is always excusable, though the effect may not always be praise-worthy; and such is the case in the present instance. Mr. R. O. Cambridge is sufficiently known as the author of the Scribleriad, a mock-heroic poem, and other productions of less celebrity; but there was no public call for a reprint of his works, nor is the addition of several new trifles of consequence enough to warrant, in these days of scarcity of cash, such a heavy and ill-proportioned attack on our pocket. That Mr. Cambridge was a good man, and not the worst writer of his time, is true, but they who have once read his writings, and now hear that they amused him through a long life, will be perfectly content that they should henceforth, with their author, rest in peace.