Horace Walpole

William Cole, Collectanea for Athenae Cantabrigienses 1780 ca.; in Restituta or ... English Literature Revived 4 (1816) 374.

Dr. Lort, dining with me at Milton, Sunday, Dec. 3, 1780, told me, that calling on Mr. Walpole lately, he told him, that the late Madame de Deffand of Paris, the last time he went over thither to see her, offered to leave him all her effects and fortune; but that he absolutely refused it, and said he would never see her more, if she talked of it again; and that if she left it, he would not accept of it. She then pressed him to her collection of china, of which she had a valuable assortment: he then went and took a cup and soucoupe, which had strawberries and strawberry leaves on them, in memory of his house of Strawberry Hill; but utterly refused everything else, except her papers, which she also offered to him. These, as there were many letters from Voltaire and the greatest men of France, he accepted; and she accordingly left them to him, with a gold snuff box, with a picture of a favourite dog in the lid. The lady died in 1780, as by one of his letters to me.