Elizabeth Montagu

Hester Mulso Chapone to Elizabeth Montagu, 1772; Reginald Blunt, Mrs. Montagu, 1762-1800 (1923) 1:269.

You make me long to be acquainted with Dr. Beattie when you compare him to Mrs. Carter; of all human creatures I believe she is nearest to perfection, but how sadly does her mortal Frame convince me she is not yet an Angel! — it is always a great pleasure to me to find those sentiments really existing in the Authors which charm one so much in their writings, as I have sometimes been much disappointed in "the Men that make books" ... human Nature is such a strange thing and sometimes so amazingly inconsistent that even Dr. Beattie may perhaps be absurd on some one subject or another. I am glad he has an amiable Wife. I should be in pain about his income if I did not remember how comfortably Dr. Gregory told us many of the Scotch Clergy lived on forty pounds a year.