Elizabeth Montagu

Anonymous, "Mrs. Montague" European Magazine 38 (October 1800) 244.

Of this Lady it is said, that she made so early a display of her tendency to literature, that she had transcribed the whole of the Spectators before she was eight years of age. This story appears, indeed, incredible; but it was always solemnly affirmed by the late Dr. Monsay, Physician of Chelsea College, a particular friend of Dr. Middleton and Mrs. Montague. During Mrs. M.'s tour in Germany, an epistolary correspondence took place between her and the Doctor, which continued occasionally during his life. The publication of a part at least of this correspondence would exhibit proofs on both sides of uncommon talents, original humour, and acute observation; those of Mrs. M. especially would impress the world with high reverence for her capacity, her attainments, and her virtues. Her magnificent mansion in Portman-square was the resort of the most distinguished characters of her time, who were emulous to testify their esteem, and pay homage to the endowments of her mind, and the amiable qualities of her heart.