Edward Burnaby Greene

Horace Walpole to William Cole, 10 December 1775; Letters, ed. Cunningham (1906) 6:289-90.

Who is the author, E. B. G. of a version of Mr. Gray's Latin Odes into English, and of an Elegy on my wolf-devoured dog, poor Tory? a name you will marvel at in a dog of mine; but his godmother was the widow of Alderman Parsons, who gave him at Paris to Lord Conway, and he to me. The author is a poet; but he makes me blush, for he calls Mr. Gray and me "congenial pair." Alas! I have no genius; and if any symptom of talent, so inferior to Gray's, that Milton and Quarles might as well be coupled together. We rode over the Alps in the same chaise, but Pegasus drew on his side, and a cart-horse on mine. I am too jealous of his fame to let us be coupled together. This author says he has lately printed at Cambridge a Latin translation of the Bard; I should be much obliged to you for it.