Dr. Mark Akenside

Capel Lofft, "On Akenside" (1807); Laura, ed. Capel Lofft (1814) No. DXXI.

O Akenside divine!
Not only to the strain,
Round which Imagination's train
Their brightest wreaths and happiest tones combine,
Shall my enraptur'd ear incline;
But my eye wander o'er thy lyric chain
Perplext to sight profane,
Form'd round the hallow'd few its sacred bands to twine.

Genius of antient GREECE! — Thou who dost love
The glorious Trumpet, heavenly Lyre, soft Flute;
To my imploring Voice not now be mute,
Which Him whom thy transcendent Powers approve,
Thine AKENSIDE, would sing! — Around him move
Those fair IDEAS, the immortal fruit
Of thy celestial Influence, whose purusit
Wafts human Footsteps to the Worlds above
Where Order, Freedom, Peace and Beauty dwell
And Harmony and Love. — His the full Line
Radiant with Light and Energy divine;
The enchanting Tones which the blest Bosom swell:
His the vast Range of philosophic Thought
With the SUBLIME, the FAIR, the GOOD eternal, fraught.