Francis Garden

Alexander Fraser Tytler, in Memoirs of the Life of Henry Home of Kames (1807) 2:99; Censura Literaria 6 (1808) 424-25.

The Honourable Francis Garden of Gardenstone, was a Judge of the Court of Session and Justiciary. He was an acute and able lawyer; of great natural eloquence; and with much wit an humour, had a considerable acquaintance with classical and elegant literature. He was appointed King's Solicitor in 1761, and raised to the bench in 1764. On the death of his elder brother, Alexander Garden, of Troup, M.P. he succeeded in 1785 to a very ample fortune. His tenants and dependents found him an indulgent and liberal master; and the village of Lawrence Kirk in Kincardineshire, raised by him from a few mean cottages to a large and populous and thriving baronial borough, distinguished by its industry in various branches of manufacture, is an honourable monument of his public spirit and active benevolence. Let these merits be remembered, while his failings are humanely consigned to oblivion.