Rev. Robert Potter

Samuel Egerton Brydges, "Dr. Potter" Censura Literaria 1 (1805) 85-86.

Of this very accomplished and venerable scholar, who died in August 1804, the following character appeared in the Newspapers of the day.

"Thursday last died, aged 83, the Rev. Robert Potter, M.A. Prebendary of Norwich, and Vicar of Lowestoff, in Suffolk. Mr. Potter has long been known to the literary world as the translator of three great writers of the Greek drama; of all the translations in our language, this undoubtedly possesses a superior claim to excellence; not merely from the fidelity with which it has been executed, but from the singular fidelity by which the genius and manner of the respective writers are presented to us. When we further consider the magnitude of the undertaking, and that it was the work of one man, we cannot but rank Mr. Potter (not to mention his original publications), among those to whom British Literature is especially indebted. In his private character, he exhibited a mind of strong sensibility and elevated sentiments; and his principles and conduct were such as to do honour to his profession and country."

The following article also appeared at the same time.

"Mr. Potter was one of the best classical scholars of his time. His translations of the Greek dramatic writers are proofs of poetical energy as well as profound erudition. He distinguished himself by other works of learning and genius; but he was entitled to still higher praise for the benevolence of his disposition and rectitude of his conduct. The living of Lowestoff is in the gift of the Bishop of Norwich, who will perhaps find it a difficult matter to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Potter, who executed its duties with exemplary piety without ostentatious zeal."