Rev. Joseph Warton

Robert Dodsley to Joseph Warton, 8 April 1756; Wooll, Biographical Memoirs of Joseph Warton (1806) 237-38.

Pall Mall, April 8, 1756.

Dear Sir,

Your Essay is publish'd, the price 5s. bound. I gave Mrs. Cooper directions about advertising, and have sent to her this afternoon, to desire she will look after its being inserted in the evening papers. I have a pleasure in telling you that it is lik'd in general, and particularly by such as you would wish should like it. But you have surely not kept your secret: Johnson mention'd it to Mr. Hitch as yours — Dr. Birch mention'd it to Garrick as yours — And Dr. Akenside mention'd it as yours to me — And many whom I cannot now think on have ask'd for it as yours or your brother's. I have sold many of them in my own shop, and have dispers'd and push'd it as much as I can; and have said more than I could have said if my name had been to it. Hampton's Polybius is very highly spoken of here; and if one may judge from the preface (which is all I can pretend to judge of) deserves all that can be said of it. I hope Winchester agrees with you in all respects, as it will always give me pleasure to hear of your health and happiness. My compliments to Mrs. Warton; and believe me to be, with great sincerity,

Dear Sir,

affectionately yours,