Rev. Joseph Warton

Thomas James Mathias, in Pursuits of Literature (1798) 328 & n.

Better to disappoint the publick hope,
Like Warton driveling on the page of POPE....

See the new edition of Pope's Works by the Rev. Dr. JOSEPH WARTON, late Head-master of Winchester School. The mildest words I can use are, "Tantmne rem negligenter?" I praised (and liberally enough as some people thought) Dr. Joseph Warton's Common Place Book on Pope, in the First Dial. of the P. of L. and I still think it very entertaining. But when a learned man appears as the professed Editor of the most distinguished and the most interesting Poet of the nation, and when the publick have been taught to expect the work as of great promise, we require something more than mere copying his own old common place remarks from one book, to put them in the form of notes at the bottom of the pages of another. It is mere book-making, beneath the character of such a gentleman as Doctor Warton. It is to steal from one's self.