Rev. Joseph Warton

Anonymous, in "Lines composed on paying a Visit to the Tomb of Collins" Poetical Magazine 3 (1810) 253.

Nor didst thou pine, to sullen Thought resign'd,
Unsought, unfelt for, by the tuneful kind.
No! where pale Death hung ghastly o'er thy bed,
There pitying Science bow'd her laurel'd head:
When thither from the crush of Learning came
Th' illustrious brethren of no vulgar name.
This Winton's venerable halls rever'd,
Where Merit lov'd him much, as Dulness fear'd:
In him (to find the parallel, how hard!)
Join'd the mild critic, and the nervous bard.
In friendship generous (this Collins prov'd),
In tenet liberal, in all belov'd.
Of that old Thames to confluent Isis told,
How pleas'd he saw the royal wreath enfold
Those brows, which long had worn the choicest bays
That Science on her banks was proud to raise.
This well on Fancy's classic plains had sung;
That deep in Melancholy's cave had strung
His ready lyre; and both together stray'd,
By Spenser's music lur'd, thro' many a fairy shade.
Such, Collins, were the two, whose kindred zeal
Strove thy soul-sick'ning malady to heal;
Cheer'd the dim ev'ning of thy earthly day,
And pray'd — "God speed thee" on thy heav'nward way....