Rev. William Mason

William Cole, Collectanea for Athenae Cantabridgienses, 1777 ca.; in Restituta or ... English Literature Revived 3 (1815) 75.

He was esteemed at College, where I had the good fortune to be acquainted with him, to be one of the chief ornaments of the University; is now married, and preferred in Yorkshire by Lord Holdernesse, and Precentor of York. His friend, Mr. Gray of the same College, dying, 1771, left him 500, all his books, MSS., musical instruments, medals, &c. and executor to do with his papers as he should judge.

On Friday, Jan. 7, 1774, I was assured for certain that he was the author of The Heroic Epistle, &c. 1773. When I read it, I easily saw the reason of its great character, exclusive of its being well written, in fine poetry; and running through so many editions. Satire and ill nature is always acceptable. The King himself is not spared in several places of this short and snarling poem; so his ministers need not grumble that they are under the lash. He shews himself too much of a party-man throughout. I am sorry for it, as I had a great veneration for his character. — HE DENIES IT — 14th edit. in 1777.