Rev. William Mason

Academicus, "Spenser's University" Gentleman's Magazine 62 (February 1792) 135.

Feb. 20.


In your last month's Magazine, p. 50, in the review of Mr. Boswell's Life of Dr. Johnson, is given a short list of eminent persons, who have been educated at Pembroke College, Oxford; at the head of which appears the name of "Spenser;" but (to pass over an error in orthography), if by that name be intended the poet of Eliza's days, the author of the Fairie Queene, be it allowed me to point out to you, Mr. Urban, that not the Isis, but the Cam, claims the nurture of that darling of the Muses; he having been a student of Pembroke Hall, in Cambridge, a circumstance which that Society are still justly proud of, and have not failed to commemorate by a very good portrait of him suspended in their common room. It was with them too, under the auspices of the author of Elfrida and Caractacus, himself once an associate of that body, that the subscription originated, which was carried into effect in the year 1778, for restoring the monument of Spencer in Westminster Abbey, as it may be seen contiguous to that of Gray, for many years a resident member also in that small, but fortunate, Society.

Yours, &c.