Hester Mulso Chapone

Thomas Edwards to Samuel Richardson, 28 February 1752; Correspondence of Samuel Richardson, ed. Barbauld (1804) 3:36-37.

The mention of these two ladies may be a not improper introduction to a commission which I beg leave to trouble you with. I often entertain myself with reading over those charming Odes of Miss Mulso's, and admire them more and more every time I read them. I am so proud of the honour she has done me in one of them, that my gratitude has forced from me another sonnet, (you see how bold I grow upon encouragement,) which I desire you to give her; and, in hopes of seeing more of her verses, I have presumed to give her a subject. I send you a copy: but as there is a name in it which you have scratched out of better verses, I have taken the precaution to seal up that which is for Miss Mulso; and if you either sink it, or alter the name to Robinson, or any thing else, I will have the sonnet printed, and hawked about under your window "in terrorem."