Rev. Francis Hoyland

Horace Walpole, Advertisement, in Poems by Mr. Hoyland (1769) iii-iv.

This small Collection of Poems, though meriting to be preserved for their Ease and natural Beauties, is published solely for the Benefit of their Author the Rev. Mr. HOYLAND, whom a Train of Misfortunes, too common to need enumerating, yet grievous enough to depress the best Faculties, have reduced to extreme Distress. The Recommendation of a Friend has procured for him a Living in South Carolina, for which he was preparing to embark when this Publication was projected, and by which it was hoped he and his Family might secure some additional Comforts in the new World to which he was going. It was found that the Vigour of Body and Mind were not equal to the Voyage. What therefore was meant to remove his Misfortunes, has only been the Cause of adding one Disappointment more to the Sum of them. This then being the Case; it is hoped that nobody will blame a small Increase of Price for the following Pages. A Situation that deserves a Tear, is surely not over-indulged by the Gift of half a Crown. This is the utmost Largess that Mr. Hoyland's Friends ask, but not demand for him: for as he is too modest to desire to be over-paid, they must not too much presume on the Benevolence of the Public.