Rev. Thomas Warton

Robert Lowth to Thomas Warton, 28 June 1761; Wooll, Biographical Memoirs of Joseph Warton (1806) 274.

Durham, June 28th, 1761.

Dear Sir,

The favour of yours of the 17th is but this day come to my hands. I can give you no satisfactory information with regard to the case which you refer to me. I remember I read a lecture the first term after my election [as Poetry Professor], tho' it came pretty quick upon me, being elected in Easter term; as I supposed I did likewise the first term after my re-election: but my practice ought to be no precedent for you; for I assure you I did it because I was not aware of any such exemption or privilege as you mention. I congratulate you and the public on your re-establishment in your office; and hope I may one day have the pleasure of being one of your readers, tho' I cannot have that of being one of your audience.

Accept of my best thanks for your kind present of your Life of Bathurst, and the pleasure it has given me in the perusal; and believe me,

Dear Sir,

Your most obliged and

affectionate humble servant,


My wife desires her compliments to you; and I beg mine to Mr. Wheeler.