Rev. William Dodd

Robert Southey to G. C. Bedford, 22 March 1806; New Letters, ed. Currey (1965) 1:419.

Say what you will about him or leave it for me on my arrival at your own pleasure — something should be said to this purport, that he was a rascal — but that it is to be hoped the country will not long be disgraced by so many executions for forgery. I can send you no specimens — but you may buy on my score the Doctor's poems — in Cookes edition. I will have them for two reasons — first because a long poem written by a man who is going to hanged is a curiosity — and secondly because there is a print of Dr. Dodd in a full bottomed wig receiving a visit from an angel in Newgate. So if you walk near Paternoster Row call at Cookes and lay out three or four shillings in the purchase of this book — N.B. the best edition — i.e. — the fine paper, in decent binding.