Rev. John Huckell

Anonymous, in Memoir in Huckell, Avon (1811) iii-iv.

John Huckell, the author of the following poem, was a native of Stratford-upon-Avon, where his relatives, who were of considerable respectability, several times bore the chief magistracy. His father, Mr. Thomas Huckell, had, besides our poet, seven children. He was buried at Stratford, March 14, 1740-41; and his widow December 23, 1756.

John, the eldest, who was baptized December 29, 1729, was educated in the Free Grammar School of Stratford, then superintended by the Reverend Joseph Greene, an eminent scholar; being substantially admitted into holy orders, he was presented to the curacy of Hounslow, in Middlesex, and the chapel standing on the confines of two parishes, Heston and Isleworth, Huckell resided in the latter place.

Avon was composed in his youth, and published in 1758; being printed in quarto, by the celebrated Baskerville; and meeting with a favourable reception, became, so early as 1764, exceedingly scarce.