Bp. Thomas Percy

William Cole, Collectanea for Athenae Cantabrigienses, 1782 ca.; in Restituta or ... English Literature Revived 4 (1816) 243-44.

Dr. THOMAS PERCY was educated at Oxford. He took his degree of D.D. at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1770; is Rector of Easton-Maudit, Northamptonshire. Son of a draper of Bridgenorth in Shropshire: married an agreeable woman, Miss Anne Guttridge, near his own living, and Mr. Robinson of Cransley, by whom he has several children: and when he was taken into the Duke of Northumberland's family as Chaplain and Tutor, by whose Dutchess he was acknowledged as a relation, by her interest was made wet-nurse to one of the Queen's children, and has a pension. Mr. Walpole told me that his acquaintance was dropped with Dr. Percy on account chiefly of his importunancy with him to get him preferment: but, as he never asked favours for himself or others, he was dissatisfied. He is a tall, thin man, of great ingenuity.

The Hermit of Warkworth, 1771, 4to.

The Northern Antiquities, with a Translation of the Edda, 1771. 8vo. 2 vols.

In Oct. 1778, he was made Dean of Carlisle, in the room of Dr. Wilson, deceased.

Dr. Farmer told me, that on his kissing hands (yet before the change of the Ministry in March 1782) for his Prebend of Canterbury, the people at Court were busily inquiring after a person to give the new vacant Bishopric in Ireland to, by Bishop Garnet's death, that had any royal preferment: that he immediately wrote to Dr. Percy, who had but two small livings; and the Deanery of Carlisle; and a family to provide for; and no great prospect of succeeding in England; to exchange his Deanery, and take the Irish Bishopric: which advice he followed; and Dr. Elkins accepted the exchange. April 20, 1782, he was announced in the Gazette, as Bishop of Dromore.