Bp. Thomas Percy

John Nichols to Thomas Percy, 13 December 1808; Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIII Century (1817-58) 8:89.

I am also to acknowledge the goodness of your Lordship in permitting Mr. [Henry] Boyd to shew me the curious documents respecting the poor maniac Ritson — and the edition of Goldsmith.

The copy of Surrey's Poems, which was so fortunately preserved [from the warehouse fire] by being on a shelf in my dwelling-house, with a copy of Buckingham's Works, as far as originally printed, and another of the Additions printed by me, will be presented to your Lordship by Mr. Boyd. The melancholy fate of these valuable works adds considerably to my own personal anxieties.

For more than ten years I had deposited them in a separate warehouse, which I hired for that express purpose, till the landlord wanting the room compelled me to pack them again in my own warehouses, from which not a single volume of any description whatever was preserved. But the subject is too dismal to dwell upon.