Oliver Goldsmith

William Cameron, in "Poet's Manual" Poems (1813) 113.

How sweetly sung yon generous simple swain,
Who wailed the fate of Auburn's guileless train,
By Rapine's rod expelled their native seats,
The bowers of Innocence and Love's retreats;
To prove the horrors of the Atlantic deep,
Thro' foreign climes to wander and to weep!
Behold, celestial Nymph! in deep dismay,
The fond adorer of thy genial sway,
The scenes of song and rural bliss forego,
Friendless and famished wade thro' Alpine snow.
Ah! see the heart refin'd by heavenly fire,
The hand inform'd to wake soft Pity's lyre,
Now waste their vigour in ignoble toil,
With cheerless labour dig the barren soil,
With dull compilers vulgar fame to share,
The withering laurels won by creeping Care.
"Farewell," he cries, "my glory and my shame!
Dear Poesy! no more secure of fame;
Nurse of each virtue and each art sublime,
Gone with thy train to bless a kindlier clime!"