Rev. Charles Churchill

Anonymous, in "Memoirs of R. Lloyd and C. Churchill written by a sincere Friend" Westminster Magazine 1 (March 1773) 185.

He was a robust man, about five feet six inches high, with a lively piercing eye, of a black complexion, with a remarkable scowl. He was extremely good-natured; and so very charitable, that the greatest pleasure he ever expressed was in the relieving of those who solicited his bounty. In these cases he would give a guinea, where a penny had satisfied: But, when accused of profuseness, he would answer, "In Charity, I love to make the heart bound with a surprised delight. I will ever send the poor happy from my hands." Perhaps, few men have ever lived who possessed so many virtues. His foibles were of the lightest nature; and none but such men as are foes to Humanity would ever attempt to censure a man, who was the friend of Virtue, the darling of the Muses, and an ornament to his Country.