Bp. Beilby Porteus

Thomas Percy to James Beattie, 27 May 1772; Forbes, Life and Writings of James Beattie (1806 ) 1:224-25.

I had also another reason for troubling you with so early an answer: it was to convey to you a copy of the inclosed sermons; wherein you will find very warm, but just acknowledgements for the services you have done to the cause of truth. The author of them is so much you admirer, that when he knew I was writing to you, he desired me to inclose a few lines himself. If his personal character is not known to you, I must inform you, that Dr. Porteus is one of the brightest ornaments of the Church of England: He was chaplain to Archbishop Secker, who left him one of the executors to his will, and editor of his works, which he has since published. He is a man of the most engaging and amiable manners, and most distinguished abilities.