William Woty

Cuthbert Shaw, in The Race (1765; 1766) 25-27.

Next from the Temple six poetic cubs,
With him whose humble muse delights in Shrubs,
And commentator Fawkes — let Woty tell,
Alone who sees, how much he can excel,
Who wipes all doubts from sacred texts away,
Clear as the skies upon a misty day;
Bard, Critic, and Divine — with upturn'd eyes
Dejected Virtue to the goddess cries,
"What ways and means for raising the supplies!"

Awhile demurring who should move the pleas,
Fawkes claim'd the right, from having ta'en degrees;
"Combin'd, dear Woty, sure we ne'er can fail,
I'll speak — do thou hold up the cassock's tail."
He hem'd — then haw'd — then bow'd, and thus began;
"Oh! Fame propitious ciew the friendly plan:
See Law on Gospel, cast a social look,
And Moses side with Lyttleton and Coke:
Let not a partnership unknown before
In vain for favor and the bays implore;
But guide thy vot'ry's feet across the plain,
While gentle Woty bears the sable train;
And crown'd with conquest, amply to reward
So mean an office in so great a bard,
Six days in seven I'll the wreath resign,
Only on Sundays be its honors mine."

Reverent he bow'd —