Rev. William Mason

Thomas James Mathias, in Pursuits of Literature (1794) 12-13 & n.

Saw you not MASON stand with downcast eye,
While great Augustus pass'd unconscious by?
'Till wrapt in terrors of avenging night,
He starts Macgreggor with dilated might.

See the Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers, and the Heroic Postscript to the Public, by Malcolm Macgreggor, Esq. A friend of mine has assured me that I am wrong in this conjecture, and I must own that the Epistle to Shebbeare, and the Dean and the Squire, attributed to the same author, have diminished my confidence in its probability. But as I had written the lines, they may stand as a tribute of gratitude to a man from whose acknowledged poetry I confess myself to have received much delight. The strains of Musaeus and the Druid minstrels have still their charms, and he must have cold feelings who cannot be moved by the simplicity of Elfrida. The English Garden, though with some faults, deserves the thanks of every admirer of our national taste.