Rev. Francis Meres

Horace Walpole to John Henderson, 14 March 1782; in Letters, ed. Cunningham (1906) 8:177.

I was at Strawberry Hill yesterday, and hunted all over my library for Palladis Tamia, the book you wanted, but could not find it. I did not remember having it, nor is it in the catalogue of my books, though that is no certain rule, as I have bought a great many since the catalogue was made, and have neglected to enter them. However, I do believe Mr. Malone is mistaken in thinking I bought a book, of which I have not the least idea, though I do not pretend my memory is so good as it was [Edmond Malone was correct — Walpole owned the book]. I hope this non-possession will not make me forfeit a sight of your poem, by the specimens of which, you did not seem to want assistance from an old author. Will you ask Mr. Malone what the size is of Palladis Tamia, and whether in verse or prose?

I hope I never looked into it, or that it is very bad, since I recollect nothing about it; and, if it is not good, you will have no loss. Still, if you will describe it to me, I will search again.