Rev. Thomas Twining

Robert Southey, in Life and Works of Cowper (1835-37) 7:321.

The Rev. Thomas Twining was born in 1734, graduated at Sidney College, Cambridge, in 1763, and died in 1804. Professor Martyn, his contemporary and fellow collegian, says of him, "he had a most exquisite taste, both classical and musical; he was a profound Greek, and was a man of the truest best-natured humour that I ever met with. His brother, the late Mr. Twining, was once engaged in preparing for publication the Remains and Correspondence of his literary relative; but the design was interrupted by his death, and has not been prosecuted by others." See Gorham's life of Professor Martyn, where there is a curious instance of Twining's humour, in a description of the College "Apple-roaster," after the manner of Linnaeus, written to ridicule the barbarisms of what he esteemed a mongrel phraseology. A beautifully executed and striking mezzotino portrait of Twining was engraved, for his family and friends, but (it is believed) was not published.