Thomas Nashe

Francis Meres, in Palladis Tamia (1598) fol. 286-286v.

As Achilles tortured the deade bodie of Hector, and as Antonius, and his wife Fulvia tormented the livelesse corps of Cicero: so Gabriell Harvey hath shewed the same inhumanitie to Greene that lies full low in his grave.

As Eupolis of Athens used great libertie in taxing the vices of men: so dooth Thomas Nash, witnesse the broode of the Harveys.

As Actaeon was wooried of his owne hounds: so is Tom Nash of his Ile of Dogs. Dogges were the death of Euripedes, but bee not disconsolate gallant young Juvenall, Linus, the sonne of Apollo died the same death. Yet God forbid that so brave a witte should so basely perish, thine are but paper dogges, neither is thy banishment like Ovids, eternally to converse with the barbarous Getes. Therefore comfort thyselfe sweete Tom. with Ciceros glorious return to Rome, and with the counsel Aeneas gives to his seabeaten soldiors. Lib. I. Aeneid.

Pluck up thine heart, and drive from thence both feare and care away:
To thinke on this may pleasure be perhaps another day.