George Hardinge

Verney Lovett to Thomas Percy, 22 September 1793; Nichols, Illustrations of the Literary History of the XVIII Century (1817-58) 8:294-95.

A very agreeable gentleman, and a kind friend of mine, Mr. George Hardinge, is at present in the South of Ireland, and proposes to revisit the North of Ireland, to see Lord Londonderry, who is married to his cousin, daughter of Earl Camden. Should your Lordship meet him, I think you will be vastly pleased with him; I met him last year by accident at Waterford, just landed, with an intent of taking a tour through Ireland, of which he has seen much more than I ever expect to do, and proposes doing still more; he called on me, and renewed his visit, though too short, last year, since which he has favoured us with his very entertaining correspondence, and has been so kind as to renew lately the pleasure we enjoyed in his company. I have lately parted with him on board his Majesty's ship the Medusa, at Cove, having accompanied him to Mr. Brodrick's, from whence we went to the Bishop of Cloyne's, in the care of whose amiable family I left him. Though a lawyer, being Chief Justice of part of South Wales, and the Queen's Solicitor General, he has great wit, much taste, and a great deal of poetic reading, and also writes very agreeably.