John Huddlestone Wynne

Philomathus, in The Monthly Magazine 21 (May 1806) 293.

As a poet he was held in great esteem; and few have surpassed the harmony of his numbers, or the sublimity of his imagination. His History of Ireland, and History of America, gained him repute, and certainly possess a considerable share of merit; but his political opinion leading him to espouse the administration of Lord North, rendered him obnoxious to the multitude, and occasioned him many bitter enemies. If I mistake not, he also wrote a History of Rome, and was employed in the Narration of the Voyages and Travels of the celebrated circumnavigator Captain Cook. It is certain that was an editor of many works besides those here alluded to, though many of them are anonymous, or ascribed to other persons; and that the Fables of Flowers, and Emblems of Youth, mentioned by his biographers before alluded to, were only among his trivial performances. As a friend to virtue, religion, and truth, his name ought to be rescued from oblivion; and if any of your contributors can give a more accurate account of this historian and poet than what has hitherto appeared, they would, I think, oblige the public by so doing, and likewise confer a favour on, Sir, etc.

February 24, 1806.