Henry Mackenzie

Anonymous, in "The Chaldee Manuscript" Blackwood's Magazine (1817); Noctes Ambrosianae, ed. Mackenzie (1854) 1:xxi.

39 And lo! there stood before him an aged man, whose hair was as white as snow, and in whose hand there was a mirror, wherein passed to and fro the image of the ancient days.

40 And he said, Behold, I am stricken in years, mine eyes are dim. What will ye that I do unto you? Seek ye them that are young.

41 And all the young men that were there lifted up their voice and said, We have sat at thy feet all the days of the years which we have lived upon the earth; and that which we know is thine, and our learning is thine; and as thou sayest, even so will we do.

42 And he said unto them, Do ye what is meet in this thing, and let not our friend be discomfited, neither let the man which is crafty rejoice, nor the two beasts.

43 And when he had said this, he arose and went away; and all the young men arose up, and humbled themselves before him when he went away.